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Sat Aug 3 07:34:28 CEST 2019

On 3/08/19 3:51 PM, Bert Gunter wrote:

> Spencer:
> Sorry, but I'll be blunt. IMO, you are misusing this list (see the
> posting guide). You clearly don't know what you're doing statistically
> and need to consult with your advisors. This list cannot and is not
> meant to serve that purpose -- it is for for R programming issues. If
> your advisors can't or won't help you, you might try
> stats.stackexchange.com, which does deal with statistical issues. But
> I could not guarantee that they would act as a statistical consulting
> service for you, which seems to be what you seek.

I very firmly agree with Bert's post.  It seems to me that Spencer's 
postings demonstrate fundamental misunderstanding both of R and of 
statistical science.  He gives the impression that he *thinks* he 
understands a great deal more than he actually does, with the result 
that the questions he asks are generally ill-conceived and ill-posed. 
He appears to be attempting advanced statistical analysis without having 
mastered the elementary basics.

Spencer should focus on remedying his misconceptions and filling in the 
lacunae in his knowledge.


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