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Fri Dec 27 05:22:55 CET 2019

AHA! -- I think I now see what you mean.

My previous suggestion was almost useless as it assumes you already know
what the "common" parts are ... but you don't.

However, if it is the filename parts at the end are separated by spaces
from the preceding part of the filename, i.e. like "stuff xxxxxxx.xls",
then something like the following example would work I think:

## Read in *all* the filenames from both directories as I previously

Gfiles <- list.files("G:")
Qfiles <- list.files("Q:")

Suppose this gave you (a simplified example):

> Gfiles
 [1] "kjqdx 157.xls" "aorgz 287.xls" "ioldc 380.xls" "fpnxr 509.xls"
 [5] "wytcg 853.xls" "xujos 964.xls" "xdeto 217.xls" "nqriu 574.xls"
 [9] "jclir 480.xls" "fndyu 769.xls"
> Qfiles
 [1] "vexrb 509.xls" "jxeio 770.xls" "zhmwf 920.xls" "cajdq 287.xls"
 [5] "nwdic 259.xls" "sqjkb 889.xls" "brhfu 157.xls" "uyirq 574.xls"
 [9] "ijfqm 480.xls" "nedhj 982.xls"

## all that's important is the " xxx.xls" at the end
## extract the filename part, omitting the ".xls" using regex's
> Gnm <- sub("^.+ (.+)\\.xls$","\\1",Gfiles)
> Qnm <- sub("^.+ (.+)\\.xls$","\\1",Qfiles)

> Gnm
 [1] "157" "287" "380" "509" "853" "964" "217" "574" "480" "769"
> Qnm
 [1] "509" "770" "920" "287" "259" "889" "157" "574" "480" "982"

> ## The 'common' parts are:
> intersect(Gnm,Qnm)
[1] "157" "287" "509" "574" "480"

You can now use these as I described previously to extract your common

A similar strategy can be used for any other definition of "common" you
wish to use *provided* you can uniquely and specifically define "common" to
match  in the filenames.

Bert Gunter

"The trouble with having an open mind is that people keep coming along and
sticking things into it."
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On Thu, Dec 26, 2019 at 9:54 AM Thomas Subia <tsubia using imgprecision.com>

> Colleagues,
> I have two locations where my data resides.
> One folder is for data taken under treatment A
> One folder is for data taken under treatment B
> "G:\ 0020-49785 10806.xls"
> "Q:\ 301864 4519 10806.xls"
> Here the 10806 is the part which is common to both directories.
> Is there a way to have R extract parts common to both directories?
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