[R] Converting Decimal numbers into Binary

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Fri Dec 27 16:42:36 CET 2019

Dear friends,

Hope you are all doing well. I need to find a way to convert ascii numbers
to six digit binary numbers:

I am working with this example, I converted the string to ascii, and
finally to decimal, but I am having trouble converting the decimal numbers
into their six digit binary representation. The code below is exactly what
I have so far:

ascii_datformat <- utf8ToInt("133m using ogP00PD;88MD5MTDww using 2D7k")

Base <- ascii_datformat - 48

ifelse(Base > 40, Base-8, Base)

x <- rev(intToBits(Base))
dec2bin <- function(x) paste(as.integer(rev(intToBits(x))), collapse = "")

any guidance will be greatly appreciated,

Best regards,


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