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Thu Apr 30 00:42:46 CEST 2020

On 30/04/20 12:28 am, Eric Leroy wrote:

> Dear all, I am sorry to see all the reactions I provoked from a
> newbie user. Anyway, thank you for the answer I think that the
> pcf3est function responds to my question.
> Indeed the spatstat is a very impressive library and I am very grateful to the the developers.

(1) Not to worry.  Certainly not your fault!

(2) I'm glad that the pcf3est() function was useful to you.

(3) Thank you for your kind words about spatstat.

(4) But *please* --- spatstat is a *package* not a "library"!!!  A 
library is a *collection* of packages; the library() function "checks 
out" a package from a library, like checking a book out of a "real" 
library (bibliothèque en français, just in case there is any confusion, 
"library" and "libraire" being false cognates).  But I'm sure you knew that.

I know that insisting on this distinction is being pedantic --- but it 
never hurts to get things right!  And saying "library" when you mean 
"package" upsets Martin Maechler!!! :-)



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