[R] ISO recommendations for plot output format from R to MS Word

Jinsong Zhao j@zh@o @end|ng |rom ye@h@net
Sat Feb 13 01:43:37 CET 2021

On 2021/2/13 7:05, Robert Dodier wrote:
> I need to export plots (constructed with plot and with ggplot) from R
> to be imported into a MS Word document.
> I am working with MS Word for Mac version 16.16.10 (copyright 2018)
> and R versions 3.6.3 and/or 4.0.3.
> I have verified that the version of MS Word which I am working with
> can import SVG exported from R via svglite.
> What I am mostly worried about is that other people with possibly
> different versions of MS Word will not be able to view the document
> correctly.

On Windows, MS Word can not display the SVG imported. In my memory, the 
only fully supported vector graphic format is "emf" or "wmf" (both a 
same?). Encapsulated PostScript(EPS) seems to be supported with specific 
plugin (I am not very sure about it).

However, some figures produced by win.metafile() could display correctly 
in Word, but weird when convert to PDF.

> Towards the goal of creating an MS Word document which others with
> unspecified versions of MS Word can view correctly, in what format
> should I export figures from R?
> I am working with a fairly large number of figures so there is some
> motivation towards a fully automated process.
> I have searched various forums and archives, but much of the
> information may be out of date, so I am hoping that you can help me
> with some up to date information.
> Thank you very much for any light you can shed on this problem.
> Robert Dodier

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