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If you explain better, we can help. But first consider what you are asking and how it is relected in the data.
Is the first component a row number whose meaning is day 1 contains a 1 or perhaps 0 and the next row contains one more? Or is there some kind of date in there?
What day of the week is the first day? Is it a Sunday or a Wednesday or what?
Just for arguments sake, say the first row is a Sunday and all later rows are sequential. Then row 1 is a weekend and row 7 is a weekend and so are rows 7 more (8 and 18) and those 7 more and so on. 
What do you call it when you are looking for the remainder after dividing by 7?
Can you make a list of indices that contain every possible weekend, and another index containing just the non-weekends? 
If other things like Holidays do not matter, you can index the matrix many ways by asking for all columns but only the rows that your logical index wants. 
If I have misunderstood the problem, ignore.

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I have data in a matrix form of order 1826*24 where 1826 represents the days and 24 hourly observations on each data. My objective is to split the matrix into working (Monday to Friday) and non-working (Saturday and Sunday) submatrices. Can anyone help me that how I will do that splitting using R?

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