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Do not learn a new software unless you must. I would find a copy of "Geocomputation with R" and skim through it to see if it has figures or chapter/section titles that would suggest that it can do all of the tasks I need. If the answer looks even close to "yes" then I would go that route because the software is more familiar. However now that you have spent time with QGIS, it is all about your guess as to the shortest distance to your goal.


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A bit of a philosophical question maybe?  I am no expert in R but I feel at home in it.  On the other hand I have been wrestling with QGIS, buying books on it, finding online guides etc and I'm still finding it really tricky.  For my research I need to analyse both topological data (locations of streamflow gauges for example) and vector data such as precipitation or temperature.  There seems to be a fair amount of geospatial stuff in R, as well as books like Robin Lovelace's, so I am wondering whether I can throw aside the QGIS stuff and do everything in R with the needed packages etc.
It would give me a lot more time, if nothing else.

I'd appreciate any thoughts about this
Thanks Nick Wray

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