[R] Fatal Error: Contains Space

Kaitlyn Light ke|022 @end|ng |rom buckne||@edu
Wed Sep 21 19:07:25 CEST 2022

I recently downloaded R and RStudio to my windows laptop. I downloaded the
correct version and made sure it was for windows and not mac. However, when
I tried to open RStudio, a message saying " R_tempdir Fatal Error:
Contains Space" would pop-up. The program would open as a blank screen and
usually make the rest of my laptop stall until it was shut off. I tried
uninstalling and reinstalling the programs, however, the issue did not
change. I checked my Microsoft username to make sure it did not "contain
space" (as in spacebars) but it did not. I was hoping I would be able to
get some help moving forward on how to get this fixed. Thank you for your

Kaitlyn Light

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