[R] Reading very large text files into R

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Thu Sep 29 15:54:10 CEST 2022

Hello   I may be offending the R purists with this question but it is
linked to R, as will become clear.  I have very large data sets from the UK
Met Office in notepad form.  Unfortunately,  I can’t read them directly
into R because, for some reason, although most lines in the text doc
consist of 15 elements, every so often there is a sixteenth one and R
doesn’t like this and gives me an error message because it has assumed that
every line has 15 elements and doesn’t like finding one with more.  I have
tried playing around with the text document, inserting an extra element
into the top line etc, but to no avail.

Also unfortunately you need access permission from the Met Office to get
the files in question so this link probably won’t work:


So what I have done is simply to copy and paste the text docs into excel
csv and then read them in, which is time-consuming but works.  However the
later datasets are over the excel limit of 1048576 lines.  I can paste in
the first 1048576 lines but then trying to isolate the remainder of the
text doc to paste it into a second csv doc is proving v difficult – the
only way I have found is to scroll down by hand and that’s taking ages.  I
cannot find another way of editing the notepad text doc to get rid of the
part which I have already copied and pasted.

Can anyone help with a)ideally being able to simply read the text tables
into R  or b)suggest a way of editing out the bits of the text file I have
already pasted in without laborious scrolling?

Thanks Nick Wray

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