[BioC] Error in loading bioconductor packages in Rterm and ESS+XEmacs modes

Jeff Gentry jgentry at jimmy.harvard.edu
Tue Apr 15 11:53:06 MEST 2003

> I am using the latest Bioconductor developement version on Windows. 
> The command library(affy) works fine from the R GUI. 
> But I am not able to import any packages (e.g. affy) when I use the
> ESS+XEmacs or simply Rterm shell mode. I get the following error:
> I think that it may be due to some extra work the package upload
> routine tries to do like adding "Vignettes" menu to the GUI and fails to
> do so in the Rterm mode.

It appears that the package widgetTools (which is called by affy) tries to
check if it is under GUI mode or not before adding a Vignette tab to the
GUI menubar.  However, the current check that it is using is
if(interactive), which is still TRUE even in Rterm.  We're looking at
finding a mechanism to detect if it is inded Rgui instead of Rterm ...


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