[BioC] (no subject)

Jeff Gentry jgentry@jimmy.harvard.edu
Tue Mar 4 01:07:59 MET 2003

On Mon, 3 Mar 2003, Tiago R Magalhaes wrote:
> I tryed to install the Bioconductor Package and I cannot
> it tells me that I have to install an XML file:
> Package annotate version 1.0.5 requires package XML version >= 0.92-2, 
> would you like to try to install this package? [yes/no] yes

So far, so good.

> when I click yes it runs, dowloads something and then:
> Warning message:
> Running R version 1.6.2 and package XML was built for R version 1.6.1, 
> skipping.

Yes, R will not let you install a binary package (most commonly found as a
Windows .zip based package) if it was built under a different version of
R.  In a case lik ethis (1.6.1 -> 1.6.2) it very likely wouldn't make a
difference, but you need to tell R to force the installation, which brings
us to:

> any ideas on how to solve this problem?

>From the Install Script page:

## force: by default, if a binary package is being downloaded (e.g. a
##        Win32 zip package) and was built using a different version
##        of R then the user is running, it will not install.  Setting
##        this to TRUE will disable this behaviour.

So, if you were running:


Instead run:

getBioC("all", force=TRUE)


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