[BioC] Affy analysis

Yuk Fai Leung YFLeung at cgr.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 25 18:50:03 MET 2003

I am going to do affy analysis for the first time. After reading the
previous related postings, I have some questions:
1. If I use the RMA method to estimate the true intensities, should I
neglect the present call/absent calls? 
2. If I should neglect the present/absent calls, is there any other another
equivalent variable that is similar to the weights or flagged poor values in
2-channel data?
3. If I should still use present/absent calls, are they included in the
latest affy package? How should I use the calls with the results generated
from RMA method? 
4. Any pointers, especially using affycomp, for choosing a good combination
of background correction, pmcorrection, normalization & summarization
Thanks in advance!
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