[BioC] tandem MS question

Xiaochun Li xiaochun at jimmy.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 1 23:33:30 CET 2004

Dear Colleagues,

Do some of you have experience working with tandem-ms
data for biomarker discovery (not for sequencing/identification 
as it's often used)? 

The data at hand are generated with a HTP microspray
peptide LC then into Tandem MS. The biologist is looking 
at the 3D data of time by m/z by intensity (relative abundance)
'Time' resulted from the LC part separates proteins by their 
hydrophobic properties. So this kind of data has one extra
dimension 'time' than the MALDI/SELDI spectra.

Tips, tech reports and weblinks on analysing such data are
greatly appreiciated.


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