[BioC] Rgraphviz load problem : 2nd question for MAC OS users

Sean Davis sdavis2 at mail.nih.gov
Thu Oct 27 22:13:20 CEST 2005

On 10/27/05 4:00 PM, "Jane Fridlyand" <janef at stat.berkeley.edu> wrote:

> Dear Mac users
> can anyone who successfully installed appropriate version of graphviz
> (v>1.12) and was able to install/load Rgraphviz on MAC OSX  share the
> steps they took with me? I was previously having issues because graphviz
> version was older but not I am not quite sure. do i need to compile
> graphviz from source or downloading compiled dmg from pixelglow and
> placing it into applications is sufficient (does not seem to be but i am
> not sure how to obtain the other components). I am new to mac so things
> are often unintuitive to me.


It has been a while since I did this, but it looks like I installed 1.12
from source on macos.  Compilation would likely have been with gcc-3.3, so
you can do 'sudo gcc_select 3.3' to get that behavior, if I remember.  I
also noticed that there is a graphviz build available via fink, but I'm not
sure if that works for Rgraphviz. I haven't tried the PixelGlow route, but I
would tend to agree that it won't be sufficient.


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