[BioC] Quality control on Human Affymetrix Exon microarrays

B.Misovic at lumc.nl B.Misovic at lumc.nl
Fri Sep 10 15:18:45 CEST 2010

Hi Daniel,
   First to thank all Bioc people for making/supporting/advising great libraries.

   I also use Xps and  I remember Christian (the author) said to me once that he is aiming to add/implement affyplm .  In the mean time I used Aroma package (which is out of BioC) since  they tweaked affyplm and this  R tool  can also work on  "standard" desktop  PC.
 The probeLm residual figures showed ( for our assay with Human Exon 1.0 ST Array), some chips with hybridization artifacts... so we informed the company doing the hybridization and they were willing to re-hybridize the chips.


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