[BioC] which R package can be used to do all the GO analysis

wang peter wng.peter at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 20:09:19 CEST 2012

dear ALL:
        If i have GO annotation file, which R package can be used
to do all the statistics and output maps. TopGO?

The GO annotation file in such format
UN000001	GO:0005515
UN000001	GO:0000741
UN000001	GO:0004252
UN000001	GO:0004176
UN000001	GO:0070361
UN000001	GO:0051131
UN000001	GO:0070407
UN000001	GO:0009507
UN000001	GO:0003697
UN000001	GO:0042645
UN000001	GO:0003727
UN000001	GO:0005829
UN000001	GO:0009560
UN000001	GO:0006515
UN000001	GO:0001666
UN000001	GO:0007005
UN000001	GO:0051260
UN000001	GO:0006200
UN000001	GO:0005524
UN000001	GO:0034599
UN000002	GO:0005515
UN000002	GO:0000741
UN000002	GO:0004252
UN000002	GO:0004176
UN000002	GO:0070361
UN000002	GO:0051131
UN000002	GO:0070407
UN000002	GO:0009507
UN000002	GO:0003697
UN000002	GO:0042645
UN000002	GO:0003727
UN000002	GO:0005829
UN000002	GO:0009560
UN000002	GO:0006515
UN000002	GO:0001666
UN000002	GO:0007005
UN000002	GO:0051260
UN000002	GO:0006200
UN000002	GO:0005524
UN000002	GO:0034599
UN000003	GO:0005515
UN000003	GO:0000741
UN000003	GO:0004252

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