[Rd] parallel build for package? (equivalent of make -j8)

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.tu-dortmund.de
Mon Dec 1 10:36:37 CET 2008

Peter Dalgaard wrote:
> Whit Armstrong wrote:
>> I have a package that takes about 20 minutes to compile which tends to
>> prolong the compile/test/compile cycle.
>> Does anyone know how to get R CMD check or R CMD INSTALL to use 
>> parallel make?
>> I looked at R CMD INSTALL --help, but I don't see anything obvious
>> arguments to do this.
> Platform?
> Does
> MAKE="make -j8" R CMD INSTALL ...
> not work?

I cannot believe this works safely, at least when installing into the 
same library, because of R's lock mechanism that locks a library if 
*one* installation is running ...


> (Beware: Here there be Tygers. Parallel makes have their surprises....)

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