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Berry Boessenkool berryboessenkool at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 22 15:47:29 CEST 2011

Hello dear R-developers,

two questions on an otherwise magnificent program:

Is there a way to set defaults for par differently than R offers normally?
I for example would like to have las default to 1. (or in the same style, sometimes type in plot() could be "l" per default).

Tthe following post desribes pretty much exactly that:
It was written four years ago, but it seems like there has been no real elegant solution.
Did I just miss something there? If so, could someone give me an update?
If not, is there a chance that such a feature  would be added to future R-versions?
I could live with the idea to assign the par$element default in Rprofile.site.

Would it appear sensible to have R give a warning, when points() is used, and some/all values are out of plotting range in the active device?
It has happened some times that I needed quite a bit of time to figure out why nothing was plotted.
Such a warning (or maybe even a beep?) would give users the clue to look at the values right away...
(What I mean is this:    plot(1:10)  ; points(11,3)    just in case it's unclear)

Thanks ahead for pondering, and again: R ist the most beautiful thing I discovered in the last three years.
Keep up the good work!


Berry Boessenkool
University of Potsdam, Germany

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