[Rd] Does anybody successfully built latest R on AIX 5.3?

XiaoboGu guxiaobo1982 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 14:02:31 CEST 2011

Hi Stefan,
	Thanks for replying!

	I have just managed to installed gcc on AIX this evening, and will try to install gfortran tomorrow, there are a few more questions

1. Are you running R 2.13.0
2. Can you share all the environment variables we have to set before running the configure script.
3. Can you share the full command line of configure script.
4. According to your experience, is there a huge performance lift compared to X86 CPUS, what's the clock speed of you Power CPU?


Xiaobo Gu

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> We successfully built R on AIX 6.1 but the following instructions should also work for 5.3.
> We mainly used the software from OSS4AIX but also from the "AIX Toolbox for Linux
> Applications" obtainable directly from IBM. Attached you'll find our list of installed rpms.
> This and the instructions provided in the "R Installation and Administration" manual should
> be all you need to build R on AIX systems.
> hth,
> st

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