[R] huge array with floats: allocation error

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Mon Aug 16 18:31:56 CEST 2004

On Mon, 16 Aug 2004, Christoph Lehmann wrote:

> After searching through a couples of documents and the mailing list I 
> dare to ask it here

I don't believe you read the rw-FAQ as the posting guide asks, though.
You seem to be working under Windows, without saying so (and the posting 
guide does ask you to).  So that's `a couples of documents' worth
`searching through'.

> I need to define an array with the size 64 x 64 x 16 x 1000 for 
> single-precision floating-point numbers. With 1G RAM I get always the 
> error:
> "cannot allocate vector of size 458752 Kb"
> "reached total allocation of 1022MB: see help(memory.size)"
> I consulted memory.size() but it didn't help me.

This *is* covered in the rw-FAQ, as well as on that help page, viz

     Command-line flag '--max-mem-size' sets the maximum value of
     obtainable memory (including a very small amount of housekeeping

> so my question: I know that there is NO float type in R. Is there any 
> way to solve my problem, without increasing the RAM?

Your array has 65 million numbers. That's well under the size of your RAM 
in R's doubles (500MB). And

> x <- rep(0, 64 * 64 * 16 * 1000)
> dim(x) <- c(64,64,16,1000)

does work on a 1Gb Windows machine, so your problem is in however (you 
didn't tell us) you were trying to do it.  Again, see the posting guide.

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