[R] saving plots as objects?

Rajarshi Guha rxg218 at psu.edu
Thu Feb 26 21:47:14 CET 2004

Hi I had two questions regarding plots:

* Is there are way to save a plot in the form of an object such that it
could be displayed/modified later?

* I've been using Minitab for some work and I found the burshing
capability very handy (it allows me to choose a point on the graph and
displays the data associated with it - x,y and other user associated

I know that this feature is available in XGobi but I was wondering if a
simplified form of brushing would be possible in R. I know there are
GUI's for R but I was rather thinking of a small Tk based function which
would basically work with a plot and somehow recieve mouse clicks on the
plot and use identify to get the X,Y data.

Does anybody know whether this has been done (or is indeed possible)?


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