[R] R equivalent to Matlab's Bayes net toolbox

Tobias Verbeke tobias.verbeke at businessdecision.com
Tue Jul 17 21:59:01 CEST 2007

Søren Højsgaard wrote:
> Jose,
> I am not entirely sure what Matlabs Bayes net toolbox does, but I guess it implements as propagation algorithm for Bayesian networks. There is no such package on CRAN - yet - but there will be soon: I've created a package called gRbayesnet which implements the "Lauritzen-Spiegelhalter" propagation algorithm. I expect to upload it to CRAN within the next few days. 

An alternative could be to extend the current R-Weka interface
from Kurt Hornik et alii


to include as well an interface to the Weka Bayes net package
described at



describes how to register new interfaces.



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